Information on privacy and the treatment of personal data

A. MUZZLE™ is the name of the company dealing with the personal data.

B. The data will be used in the following way:

- 1. to register and use the application

-2. to allow other users to view certain information to share your activity
and be contactable directly, without the intervention of MUZZLE™

-3. to analyse the app to improve it and develop new functions

-4. to communicate information, promotions and advertising of products and/or
services related to the app via email, text and post.

C. Your data will not be communicated to third parties for marketing

D. The address and region you have registered with will be used by MUZZLE™
for exact location/position on the interactive map.

E. Rights and guarantees of privacy as of applicable legislazione ("Codice Privacy" art. 13 del D. Lgs. 196/03). With the use of the service, the
customer agrees to respect these conditions.

Terms and conditions of registration and use:

A. The service is created and managed by MUZZLE™

B. Access to and usage of MUZZLE™ requires the acceptance of all parts of
the following declaration.

C. Terms, conditions, privacy and the treatment of personal data can be
updated by MUZZLE™ with prior notice.

D. The compilation of all the necessary data means the full awareness and acceptance of the terms and

E. For example, the app allows businesses to publish their own
advertisements and promotions.

F. Similarly, the app gives private users the possibility to access
useful information such as where to find breeders, kennels, pet shops and

G. In using the service the user declares and guarantees that all of the
information sent is truthful, that the information will be updated, and
that the use of the service does not violate any laws or norms.

H. The user can stop using the service at any moment via written
communication, including email.

I. MUZZLE™ reserves the right to cancel or refuse access to the service
at any moment, without warning, for users who have broken the conditions
stated in this document, as well as preventing them from using the service
in future. Furthermore, it is the right of the service provider to delete
any information or image which could be seen as offensive, illegal, violent
or detrimental to the rights of third parties, or which represent a danger
or a threat for the security of others. MUZZLE™ reserves the right to
delete users who use the app outside of its purpose.

L. MUZZLE™ does not accept images that affect animal or human rights.

M. The user is the person responsible for all of the data he/she
provides and publishes within the app.

N. The user is the only person responsible for the information they send
to other users for commercial or other purposes. MUZZLE™ is not responsible
for such interactions and takes no responsibility regarding the
truthfulness, accuracy and adequacy of the information or advice provided.

O. MUZZLE™ declines every responsibility regarding content, accuracy or
opinions expressed on websites of other users and does not exercise any
analytic, monitoring or controlling powers regarding these sites. If the
user accesses third party sites, they do so at their own risk.

P. MUZZLE™ declines every responsibility regarding errors and breakdowns
of communication lines, or any technical glitches or network problems,
issues with online systems, servers or providers, or IT equipment due to
technical problems.

Q. MUZZLE™ is not responsible for any legal or other relationship that
could result from the interaction between users of the app. The user is
responsible for all interaction and legal relationships with other users,
professional or otherwise, which eliminates MUZZLE™ from bearing any
responsibility for any problems, accidents, damages, or other which could
result from relations between users.

R. Any disagreements between MUZZLE™ and its users will take place
solely at the Foro di Milano.